Hey guys, Pufflefuzz123 here. Like the actual guy, no joke. I do have a new Youtube account, and I am finding some success on there. I won't say what the youtube channel cause that's not what this is about.

First off, big thanks to the guy who edited this page I wrote up with a bunch of bestiality stuff, really funny. The original version I wrote up can't even be accessed anymore so whatever. Anyway, I'm the creator of News With Puff, a shortlived Club Penguin (fan fiction?) series that I made when I was 8 or 9. Sadly I no longer have access to any of my old KidsTube videos, and since the site is down I most likely will never be able to see them again.

With that said, does anyone know of any backup of any Kidstube videos? Like a site that mirrored them or something? I'm not sure how popular this wiki is anymore, but if anyone knows of where to find them it'd be REALLY appreciated.

Also I have contacted the creator of KidsTube about how I could get my stuff back, but unfortunately it seems all of the old severs that contained the video files are long gone. So, yeah.