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GRAVITY FALLS 2 and and World Music 2: Where's Mabel it will be on DVD.


Warning screen

Mabel is playing in the forest with Dipper, a mean bully named Pacifica tries to kidnap Mabel


The titles disappear in a outburst of bubbles

Dipper and mabel run into the forest to meet their friends friends to stop Pacifica from kidnapping Mabel,

They FINALLY got into the forest forest on time.

Wendy,Soos,Grunkle Stan,Waddles,Candy,Grenda,Robbie,Nate,Old man mcgunket,Mermando, Manly Dan, Chief Bulbs, ghdeon,Jeff the gnome,Tambry, Gobblewonker lake monster,rainbow gnome,time traveler guy,Rumble park. Mabel goes off to play Pacifica kidnaps Mabel a fat dude with a pizza shirt snatches mabel into the dude ranch van off a cliff.The fat man put Pacifica in jail. Stan and friends Mabel,dipper,soos,wendy,waddles go to pizza hut.

now it plays the gravity falls theme song.

End credits