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Glowb was an AWESOME member of KidsTube. This was also made by glowb!  I'm going to make a new account called glowb, too.

Videos and FriendsEdit

glowb joined on May 15th 2013. I mostly put speedpaints and Gravity Falls (Gravity Falls is an awesome show) videos. I'm friends with tieworks and squinkieslover, and some more. Check out Sims 3 Gangnam Style on KidsTube, it's awesome.

Cool StuffEdit

pufflefuzz123 and spongeybrown 123 are inspiring me to make KTPs and tieworks inspires me 'cuz he's AWESOME xD ~glowb

message - hey everyone, its been years since I visit this but I just wanted to say I am very sorry for being a theif back then, im sorry I took over control of this wiki too, all of those spam accounts were by me, I just did it because nobody has been active on this wiki for years...i am also really sorry i stole my username from someone.. yes, they saw it and they were mad at me. I promise to never art theft again. Ive found my own drawing style now. ~glow (October 2017)


I sadly retired in July 2013.

About Glowb now Edit

glowb joined kidstube in 2013 somewhere around March. back then, i stole people's artwork including using a lot of people's artwork on the wiki. i even copied my kidstube username. i go on different websites, including a youtube channel with 2k subscribers, but i perfer not to tell my username, it is not glowb. i appologize for stealing everyone's artwork. users on the wiki snoopyisawesome, xoxolemon, saturn-chan, aaaah, bubblegumbytheseashore, superwolf, fluffyfluffy, amazingpancakes, etc. were ALL created by me.