Hello!BubblegumByTheSeashore here and this is my first article! Who is BubblegumByTheSeashore? BubblegumByTheSeashore is a new KT wiki user with many friends including chocolateisgreat, XOXOlemon, Petshopface,(aka glowb), AmazingPancakes, Superwolf and Jawfeather is awesome and so is greystripe, Blueeberry wolf, FluffyFluffy and more. Feel free to add yourself IT would make me rly happy :D PLEASE DONT EDIT THIS BUBBLEGUMBYTHESEASHORE WILL GET MAD AT U


call meh bubble :)

BubblegumByTheSeashore"s opinionEdit

BubblegumByTheSeashore is amazing!and her puppy is named snow cone!

pics not made by meEdit

 I will make the gallery soon :)